Who am I?

My name is Jaime Hernández Pérez, I was born on March 29, 1982.

although I was registered the next day, on 30.03.1982.

so my friends laugh to define when my birthday is.

I fell on the bench by pure chance,

a change of scenery and to get out of the routine made me start an internship at Bankinter.

It was around 2005

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I immediately got a taste for dealing with people.

and to the numbers

I have always been good at them.

I started playing cards with my grandfather when I was very young,

he made me count my stitches and his stitches

(he said he was confused)

I think he was doing it to get me to practice.

On the bench it was good, you know what I mean

I had a good paycheck, a lot of holidays and happy family.

But something just wasn’t working for me,

I didn’t see the kit to it all.

So I took advantage of the birth of my daughter to make the change.

And when you make a change,
a real one, you may notice how your life is shaken... and at that time came my inspiration to become a mortgage broker.

Well, rather, it was my daughter Sophie who pointed it out to me.

When one day she came out of a store shotgunned,

He leaned out of a doorway and pointed to a sign,

a sign that read ANPIFF, Asociación Nacional de Profesionales Inmobiliarios Financieros y Fiscales.

And after many years, I am still working

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as a mortgage broker,

Accompanying people and facilitating the purchase of their home and mortgage.

Banks are the same for everyone
Logically, not all of us work in the same way.

Happy trails and may you choose the best for you and your life!