You don't have to be a mortgage expert to get it right.

To see if this guide can help you, I am going to tell you a brief story...

When I was very young, I started to hear a family story…

a family story that makes you sad

one of those stories that you understand over the years.

Because at the beginning it was all very fuzzy,

That story was about my grandfather Angel.

One of those people you don’t know personally

but you know a thousand details about her.

My grandfather had a candy factory,

my mother was little and would go blind from eating them.

You know what I mean

I was going to the factory

And he took whatever he wanted.

One day a salesman arrived and agreed with my grandfather to buy some machines.

and thus expand the candy factory

my grandfather took out a mortgage to pay for the purchase

but not everything went as planned.

A set of unfortunate decisions

made my grandfather go bankrupt

and the family business had to be closed down.

This guide is not about my grandfather.
This guide is about having the basics of buying and mortgaging,
is about everything that is not told anywhere and worth its weight in gold,
its weight in gold as long as you read it before you take one of those important steps
one of those that are counted in thousands of euros.

The important thing is not the more than 40 pages written,

or all the details to be considered when buying a home and the mortgage

You won’t want to reread it after reading it to go over everything you need to know,

What’s important,

what is really important

is that it is written in a way

even my grandfather, who was not educated,

I could understand it perfectly

So simple that you will understand all the vital steps in home buying and mortgaging.

And best of all, you're going to get:

Know all the numbers, expenses and amounts before a purchase and mortgage, and I can assure you that 99% of the people I have been dealing with every day for many years, none of them knew them.

How long the whole process lasts until you sign the mortgage, when you can have peace of mind and at what point you should give your best.

The easiest way to calculate your mortgage.

Everything you gain from being prepared and how it can make your work afterwards so much easier.

How you should be and behave in the important moments of your purchase and mortgage.

The keys to know if the chosen home is a good home.

You will understand why most people have not received a good mortgage education and it is depriving them of the best financial advice they can have in their lives.

Why using an online mortgage comparator is a beginner’s strategy and you won’t get anything out of it.

What will protect you in case no bank grants you the mortgage.

What documentation of the home you buy is essential and how it can save you a great deal of money.

How the appraisal affects your purchase and becomes a vitally important step in most mortgages and no one pays attention to it.

The special characteristics of the purchase of a single-family home
single-family home (house)
and what to look out for so you don’t slip up when buying a home that can be your biggest dream or your worst nightmare.

What outlets there are when you have no savings and you want to buy yes or yes.

What are the essential documents that must be provided on the day of the purchase at the notary’s office.

How to calculate the money you must have in your account to make the purchase. Numbers that more than 50% of bank employees continually get wrong and I have to make them rectify.

What happenson the day of the purchase and mortgage signing and what steps need to be taken.

All the steps that the vast majority of buyers do wrong and that only the passage of time and the loss of money makes you discover if at some point in your life you do it.

How to keep mortgage scares at bay.

What you should know about insurance to decide the best combination for your mortgage.

PS: Up if you want to make sure you have a good ending.

Mortgage and Buying Guide - Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Am I going to save myself from having to go to the banks?

No, just like you won’t save yourself from having to look at homes until you find one you like.

What you will save yourself are all the annoyances that most people suffer and suffer because they do not know what to look for.

Does the guide have any kind of support?

Yes, once you have read the guide, I will resolve any doubts you may have in a phone call directly with me for a maximum of 20 minutes. This call will be made no later than 3 months after the purchase of the guide.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No, in no case will the money for the delivered guide be refunded.

What happens if I don’t receive the guide?

You send me an email to indicating the day of purchase and the last four numbers of the card used and I will send you the guide via email.

Is it a good investment?

If you don’t want to make the same mistakes that most buyers make, want to avoid making a false step like the best mortgage brokers do and see how extraordinarily profitable it is to ask the right questions to get the right information before signing any document, this guide will help you do just that. From there, only you can decide.

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