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I'm going to tell you something that if you have a real estate agency, you will almost certainly be interested in.

Some real estate companies get more out of this mortgage business than others,
and it has nothing to do with being more or less big
or the number of operations they perform.

There is another, much more important reason...

But before I tell you what it is, let me tell you a brief story and put you in the picture:

When I started as a mortgage broker

I made a database with all the real estate agents I found on Google.


Day and night searching for names and contact information.

That stage lasted a whole month

a month of hours and  hours that took me until the wee hours of the morning.

Then came the hardest part,

you know,

contact with the people in charge, send emails, make calls, arrange visits…

I usually chose Tuesdays to send e-mails and Thursdays to call.

week after week

And do you know what I realized after analyzing each of the real estate agencies on that huge list?

That most were fed up with having mortgage brokers waiting at their door.

Others, on the other hand, had grown tired of the bad treatment received by some potential buyers (perhaps some who had little chance of buying).

Some spoke of malpractice and “strange things”.

Others took it upon themselves to talk to the banks.

and some of them collaborated with an agency that, although they did not like to

it was the unknown evil

NOBODY and I am talking about nobody
never told me about mortgages:

That it was carried by a wonderful person (which I’m sure there are).

Nor that they were delighted with how he managed it (which I’m sure they are).

Nor that it was a help to have an extraordinary person to build buyer loyalty and make them feel at home (which they certainly do).

They also did not tell me that they always had the same contact person and that it gave them great peace of mind.

They didn’t even have a person who could make everything go smoothly.

Nothing at all

Perhaps mortgage servicing will be assumed to be one way.

or that you only have to place the first mortgage with whoever is most convenient for you

It may not matter if buyers sign up for an expensive mortgage

or even make a bad choice


If you didn’t have to give up anything

if you continued to do the same as you are doing now,


with the same routines

Do you know what I would change?

Do you know how you would improve?

You would meet the deadlines and agreements made.

You will close contracts quickly and efficiently.

You would create much more empathy with your customers.

You would generate much more confidence in a short time.

You would transmit reliability.

You would be and sound different, without changing anything.

People would feel that they are being heard.

There would be seamless communication on all sides.

And you know the best part?

That when they grow up (buyers and sellers) they will smile at the memory of those moments.

They will smile for having made the right decisions.

and they will only have words of thanks for your real estate company.

And do you know what I realized after analyzing each of the real estate agencies on that huge list?

What is it that makes the most profitable real estate companies use the mortgage channel?


maybe that’s the only answer…

something is implemented in a company because it works or is intended to work,

if it is not profitable, it is terminated.

When a purchase and sale is made,

there are usually satisfied customers 

that pay a fee

and they usually go after them to put up reviews,

okay, I’m not going to say no

but if these same customers 

in addition to paying you and giving you the review

recommend you

become the best advertisement for your real estate company.

And that is priceless

Today’s buyer becomes tomorrow’s seller.

And a happy seller becomes a good advertisement for your real estate.

At this point, Ihave to tell you that:

Just as you wouldn’t work with just any mortgage broker,

I don’t work with just any real estate company,

and it has nothing to do with size, number of operations, customer economics…

It has to do with reaching a good collaboration

That is why the meeting to decide whether we are going to work together or not.