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I want you to feel the same way they do about your mortgage. What about you?

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Jaime Hernández PÉREZ
Mortgage Consultant
I introduce myself

My name is Jaime and I love to help and accompany in the world of mortgages. I enjoy it when we get you to buy your home but I also enjoy it when we realize that it is not healthy to buy and the best thing to do is to stop. The first thing is you and the second thing is you too!

Online mortgage advisor

If you are looking for an online mortgage advisor, you have reached the ideal page. With me, you will find a trustworthy person who will watch over you and yours, you will have the guarantee of being accompanied by an mortgage advisor advisor.

I offer you a mortgage escort service in Barcelona different from what you have seen so far. As a mortgage broker, I will get you the best mortgage on the market and I will continue to accompany you once you have signed and bought your home in Barcelona. I offer you what no one else in the mortgage world does, a mortgage advisor before, during and after the mortgage. Your financial well-being is what concerns me most.

Choose the mortgage accompaniment, the online mortgage advisor who cares about you. Get the best mortgage on the market, the best conditions and feel that sense of security of being accompanied by a real mortgage broker, one of those who care about people.

With ACCR you will have the support you always wanted at such an important time in your life, the quality and confidence of doing what you really feel is best for you and the speed of being with a real mortgage broker who is focused on you and yours. That is why every day more and more people put their trust in me, compare with what others offer you and you will not see such a complete service as an online mortgage advisor in Barcelona.

Since 2005 in the banking and mortgage world, working side by side with people who have made me better as a person and as a professional. Unique online mortgage advisor in Barcelona that performs the mortgage accompaniment. Do not hesitate, take the first step, then everything will be quick and easy.