Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The price is 4,950 euros for mortgages under 500,000 euros.. From this amount, the fees will be a percentage of the value of the contracted mortgage, never exceeding 5%.

  1. Contact via wasap, mail and telephone with me during the whole time of the purchase, both during office hours and outside to resolve all the doubts you have, feel that you are accompanied and be informed of the whole process.
  2. Explanation of all the details to take into account in the purchase of a home, you will have the keys to make sure that the documents are well to avoid surprises with contracts and banks. Understanding everything from the beginning, there are no surprises.
  3. Detailed explanation of the mortgage before starting the search to lay the groundwork for what your mortgage may look like and to get a first idea of the road ahead.
  4. Review of the reservation and earnest money contract, so that the clauses can be easily understood and valued. By understanding and negotiating these types of contracts, we make your home purchase much healthier.
  5. I liaise with the sellers or with the real estate agency to save you work.
  6. Mortgage search, presentation of mortgage simulations, detailed explanation of all the features presented, so you can have the best mortgage that suits your situation.
  7. Accompaniment in the appraisal that will allow you to get the desired value and be able to buy the house you want.
  8. Presentation to the manager of the bank, including a visit to the office that will allow you to have the person’s data in the bank and to have it as a reference for any type of consultation or doubt that may arise once you sign the mortgage.
  9. Signature preparation, so that you do not have to deal with the bank, the agency and the notary in the preparation of all the documents related to the purchase of your home.
  10. Reading and understanding the binding offer, so you can have peace of mind that what  signs is really what has been agreed and  we have negotiated.
  11. Contact with the notary and notary’s office to reserve a time for the day of the signing and the transparency act.
  12. Accompaniment on the day of signing the purchase and mortgage before the notary, so that you feel confident that in case of any unforeseen event I will be at your side to solve it.
  13. Post-purchase meeting to check absolutely everything and go over all charges and questions that have been left  pending.
  14. In case of any questions after the purchase, we will keep in touch, because it is easy that after a few months you may have some questions about your mortgage or your home.

Once we decide to go together in your mortgage and home purchase I will make you sign a collaboration contract, at that moment the deposit of 300 euros is made.

The rest of the money to complete the agreed amount  is paid on the day of signing your purchase via bank transfer.

You will pay more than 4,950 euros when your first home purchase mortgage exceeds 500,000 euros, being then a percentage of the contracted mortgage value.

Only in mortgages of less than 99,000 euros the payment of fees will be lower and will be set at an amount of 5% of the mortgage value.

No, the deposit will not be returned under any circumstances.

If you do not buy, your expense will have been the deposit (300 euros). You will not have to pay the rest of the money under any circumstances.

Yes, in my contract there is an exclusivity clause in which I express that from the moment of signing I will charge the fees on the day of purchase regardless of the work done.

All credit intermediaries must be registered in the Bank of Spain’s Registry of Real Estate Credit Intermediaries, each with a different coding number. Mine is D184, as a real estate credit intermediary, in accordance with the provisions of Article 27 et seq. of Law 5/2019, of March 15, 2009, regulating real estate credit agreements.

Yes, and for me it is important to show the banks that pay me a commission, that is why in the mortgage simulations and when we make the comparison I will point out the banks that pay me a commission.

Not all entities pay and do not pay the same.

From the moment a deposit contract is signed the mortgage process usually lasts between 2 and 3 months, being advisable to put in the deposit a duration of three months in case there are any unforeseen events and not have to go drowning with the dates. If a mortgage is for 25 or 30 years, do you think it is necessary to run or is it better to go at a good pace and make the right decisions?

Not all entities pay and do not pay the same.

No, in no case will the payment of the appraisal be made, it is an expense that you will have to assume as the buyer.

Anyone buying in Spain will take full advantage of the service.

It can be of great help to anyone who is buying a home and has never signed a mortgage before.

Those who prefer time to money, I put my time and experience and your share is money. Money can be created, time cannot, which is why it is so valuable for people who value time more than money.

Also to those who, even though they signed a mortgage, were not satisfied with the deal or with what they got (there are times when one does not know how to recognize it but has a bad mortgage).

People who took out mortgages with another broker and were left with nothing.

All those people with office working hours who find it very difficult to meet with banks.

Those who want to be accompanied by a person prepared with financial knowledge to see the smallest detail of a mortgage.

People who want to receive all the information at home, calmly, and then choose the best option.

The one who doesn’t settle for just any mortgage and wants the best one that fits his numbers.

Those people who talk about buying a home and taking out a mortgage and have doubts.

People who prefer to be accompanied in the important economic moments of their lives.

Individuals who would like to give themselves the opportunity to hire a knowledgeable buyer and mortgage broker to handle the entire process.

I am not your mortgage broker:

  • You want to have a lot of mortgage brokers working for you at the same time. I work on an exclusive basis.
  • When we decide to go together on this path, we will sign a collaboration contract, at that moment we will make a deposit of 300 euros, if this payment is inconvenient for you, it is better not to start together.
  • You don’t care if you know the person who will accompany you in the most important moments of the whole process.
  • You don’t mind if they change your mortgage advisor in the middle of the mortgage study.
  • You think that all brokers work in the same way and from the same place.
  • Purchases outside Catalonia.
  • If you don’t have any savings, and you don’t have anyone who can help you, I would tell you to do a mortgage counseling first because your chances of buying are slim.

Each person is different and we need different attention.

How would you like to be treated?

I usually give the example of a weekend outing:

Sometimes there are people who go to 5 star hotels, big hotels with free buffet breakfasts and other people prefer to go to a family house, well kept, with few rooms and with breakfast made by the owner.

You just have to know where you are going to feel the best.

I, Jaime Hernández Pérez. I will be present at all times, online, in person or by telephone, as many times as necessary, and we will meet at all the important points. You will recognize my face from a distance, I know you are not interested, but it will be a few months of much communication and after this time you can see that we will recognize each other.

Now that artificial intelligence is all the rage, mortgage escorting is the opposite.

The office is open from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday. If you prefer to meet online, or if the times are not convenient for you, we can meet online.

The office is not my property, I collaborate with Jesús de Don Casa.

The office is located at Bailén 200 (Barcelona), second floor, entrance through the door of DON CASA, in case you prefer we can meet online.

Only you will be able to decide whether it was a good investment or not,

If the only important thing is the numbers, then perhaps it would be good to do a 30-year calculation of interest and linked products and make a comparison including fees.

If, apart from the numbers, you value the peace of mind of having someone independent to review all contracts, you may be interested.

If, in addition to the numbers and peace of mind, you save yourself the search, the negotiation and the doubt as to whether you got the best, it may be worth it.