I want to listen to you, know what you need and get it. I am dedicated to improving people’s lives by doing what I do best, making mortgages.

A mortgage is much more than just numbers.
Most people will spend years paying for it,
life will go by as long as the monthly installments are paid.
and without knowing very well how, we will grow older.
Something like this deserves to be well advised, deserves a good mortgage broker.

One question you can ask yourself to find out if this is the right place is… Will any mortgage work for me?

I can give you my answer,

Not just any mortgage will do for me.

I left my job at Bankinter when my daughter was born, I left it to feel better about myself, I did it because I knew that inside me there was much more.

I work as a mortgage broker

I work to make sure that everything is done with peace of mind and security, I work to make sure that you get the best mortgage.